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Meet Our Pit Masters

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Robert & Lynn Entrekin have been culinary competitors since the 1990s.  Their love of food and huge competitive spirit fueled the creation of Spices Smokehouse, the makers of Smokehouse Crackers.

The award-winning chefs had a passion to cook for local fundraisers and charities which led Lynn to open her catering business in 2003. 

Community Giveback

Giving back is at the a core of the smokehouse team. Over the years, Spices has served over 10,000 troops returning from service, provided thousands of holiday meals to those in need, and every June they celebrate veterans with a Day of BBQ at a local Veteran's Home. In 2022 the team raised 10,000 for Children's Hospital of Alabama with the sale of their Holiday Cracker.

The Smokehouse Cracker team is also very involved in disaster relief,  working with many different organizations over the years.  They use their expertise in high-volume cooking to provide thousands of meals to people impacted by hurricanes, tornados, and other natural disasters.

An Award-Winning Idea...

The Entrekin's never dreamed that a bite of a spicy cracker would change their life but when Lynn's friend Lois shared that little cracker she had made, she knew she needed to have the recipe.


With their talents in flavor profiles that had pleased judges and won many culinary awards, they put their own twist on the cracker by adding a unique blend of seasonings to perfect the recipe. 

Lynn started making the crackers in her catering kitchen and selling them to friends, family and culinary competitors. But it was in her catering business where she discovered that it was not just friends and family that loved that little cracker. Everybody loved it and always ask, where can we get these?


After many years of catering Lynn had retirement in her sights but didn't want to completely leave the food industry.  One night over a glass of wine Robert said, "you just need to sell those crazy crackers that everybody loves!"

Well, you know the rest of the story!

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