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Are you feeling lucky?  

Enter one of our monthly contests, and you could win all sorts of prizes such as a Smokehouse Crackers gift card, a tub of your favorite flavor crackers, or an awesome gift basket of seasonal or themed goodies!  Follow us on your favorite Social Media or check back here for rules and guidelines on how you can WIN!

February Contest:  "Cupid's Cuddly Critters in Costume"

February is the month of love!  We LOVE critters, and we love them even more in costumes!  In an effort to bring joy back to social media, we'll start our Critters in Costume contest on February 1! 


       Here's what to do:

1.  Snap a picture of your furbaby in costume or find your favorite one on your phone.

2.  Post it in the comments of our "Share your Costume Critter here" Facebook post starting February 1.

3.  Share that post with your friends, family, and followers and ask them to comment on YOUR critter!       

Each comment will be counted as one vote for your furbaby!  


1.  Please only post one pet picture per furbaby.  If you have several furbabies, we won't make you pick favorites, but just one picture of each critter, please!

2.  Comments by FB users will be counted once per furbaby (i.e. if your sweet Aunt Sue comments 35 times that Fluffy looks adorable in that firefighter costume, we're only going to count it once.)

3.  FB users may comment on (i.e. vote for) as many pictures as they wish.

If you have questions, please let us know by messaging us on Social Media or by contacting us using the form!  

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Greg won our January contest!

His guess was the closest to the score of that MASSACRE of a game that we saw for the National Championship! 

Congrats, Greg!
Congrats to Greg!.png
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